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South Sudan, Albania, Thailand and Llanelwn (Wales) just a few of the places that figure in the latest MBS World Mission ENGAGE mag

23 December 2018

The 48th edition of ENGAGE, the BMS World Mission magazine includes news stories, update and features from across the world and it’s available now, totally free of charge either through the post or on line. 

Included in the package comes the first part of the BMS World Mission Prayer Guide. This runs from January to April 2019 and focuses on support and encouragement for field workers and action teams working in Africa, Asia, South America, Europe and the Middle East. 

There are a few copies of the new ENGAGE magazine at the back of church. There are also a number of pre paid sign up cards which you are invited to fill in and return to BMS HQ in Didcot. That way you would be guaranteed free delivery of this brilliant publication. 

Roger Robson is the Moortown Baptist Church lead on all things BMS so if you want more information he’s the man to speak to. Alternatively go online and type in and follow the links to ENGAGE. 


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