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Step up and be counted… MBC’s new normal is waiting in the wings

30 April 2021

For well over a year Moortown Baptist Church has been delivering a whole raft of online services and events via Facebook, YouTube or Zoom. With  a core team of around a dozen people this has been no mean feat. These broadcasts have included more than 60 Sunday Services (including Christmas and Easter specials and a good number of Communion Services) over 50 live Moortots/Oasis sessions, scores of weekly or fortnightly housegroups and of course numerous Church Meetings.  

Now as we slowly, surely but most importantly safely start to look towards reopening some parts of our building our need for volunteers to step up and join that team is as acute as it’s been since that first Sunday (March 22, 2020) when Church at Home was born. 

So who do we need? Well we need people to read scripture, people to pray, people to preach, to help unpack a particular theme, to make things, to sing, to introduce our live stream welcome… the list is almost endless. 

But why you may ask do we still need all this if as we hope and pray our “new normal” is waiting in the wings. The answer put quite simply is that even when lockdown ends, even when our doors are open wide and even when handshakes and hugs can be shared MBC will not be the same as it was pre Covid. What the differences will be and how as a fellowship we will respond to them is as yet unknown. However, without robust planning and a strong and resourceful team of volunteers working alongside them those charged with breathing life into any number of fresh ideas may just find the task overwhelming.

Please think prayerfully if there is a part you can play in helping to develop and sustain MBC’s “new normal” and if you decide there is don’t sit back and wait for self doubt to set in – dash off an email to

Thank you



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