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Sunday 9th August. Catch up links to part 2 of Moses, Moortown and Me

7 August 2020

This morning we presented the second part of our Moses, Moortown and Me series.

Unfortunately just as she was about to go live Philomena Commons experienced some technical difficulties which meant that at the very last minute Sam and Abi Tilley had to step in and host our welcome. They did a terrific job which you can relive HERE

Following on, if you moved over to our pre-recorded YouTube material you would have seen Jo, Karen, Murray, Steve, Chris, Bela and John each present a different element of the account we find in Exodus chapter 3 of Moses’ encounter with a burning bush. The link to all that material is HERE

Throughout the whole of August, just as we norgally do our Sunday morning services will be all age and slightly shorter. This means that for the next few weeks there will be no separate Family at Moortown programme but instead there will be a special feature within CHURCH at HOME devised specifically to do two things: mirror the theme of the day and engage our younger visitors with some great craft. 

If you would like to find out more about the Moses, Moortown and Me programme simply click HERE

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