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The writing’s on the wall – Moortots’ regulars say it as it is

22 November 2017

Unless you are a member of the Moortots family I suspect that the little corridor that links the kitchen to the Corner Room is one part of the MBC labyrinth you might rarely visit. However, can I suggest that the next time you’re in the building you do just that. 

That’s because if you do you’ll come across the Moortots wall; a space reserved for Diane Towns, Pauline Bridle and the rest of the toddler team to use exactly as they wish.

Currently this is a message board a place where their regulars can post their opinions and views. 

These are terrific, ranging from one that says “Harriet’s favourite part of tots group is the  toast and the red car” to another that speaks volumes… “helping each other get through tough times.”

Moortots meets four times a week and besides providing scores of little children with a programme that’s safe, secure and stimulating each session also offers some much needed R and R to parents, grand-parents and carers. 

Across the top of the wall runs this headline: God is working here… read on. 

Never has there been a truer word!





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