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Think, pair, share… looking to the future

23 November 2017

Last Sunday we had a morning service with a difference. We deliberately shortened it to make time and space for a meeting for everyone to join together and consider how young people are part of our whole church and what should be our priorities for a future youth appointment. Naturally our young people joined us in the meeting so all in all around 120 people participated.

Led by Tom Shaw we involved everyone in a very simple way: all were invited to think about a question for 30 seconds, then to pair up with one other person and talk about their thoughts. Finally people were to share anything  that had come through strongly. As someone shared, and as each point was made everyone was invited anyone to put up their hand if they identified with what was being said.

In what was an hour of thinking and listening many insightful comments came to the fore. This was particularly valuable as they came from such a wide variety of people: different ages, different backgrounds each endorsed to a greater or lesser degree by the number of hands that went up to express a common view.

And what were we talking about?

Our shared experience of faith and life, the relationships that help us grow and the opportunities we have to try out our faith in action.

We then talked about the focus for a future youth pastor; someone who helps young people to follow Christ and in living their lives encourages them to take part in both the mission of the local church and in the wider world. In this respect the term “young people”  included young adults too.  One early observation was that people thought this person would be alongside young people, team and parents.

It was a great time, and overflowed into the shared lunch. It was  exciting to learn from people, hear their honesty and pick up on their passion.

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