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19 September 2013

This week in Family church, we are looking at Bible Characters from Joseph through to Elijah. Different groups were looking at different parts of Joseph’s life from being a child and teenager with dreams, to being thrown into prison.  I am sure there were times when Joseph wondered about the “God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob”, and thought about the dreams He’d had as a teenager which seemed to promise greatness in the eyes of his family.  I am sure there were times when He doubted that God had a plan, or if He did have a plan how does being stuck down a hole, or sold into slavery or thrown into prison fit into God’s plan.

The verse that struck me this week was in Genesis 40 v  8 ” God is the only one who can explain the meaning of dreams.  So tell me your dreams.”  Joseph gives all the credit to God, I wonder if he evens thinks to try and take the credit for himself – probably not.  Joseph has learnt to trust God always.  There may have been times where he has wanted to give up but he’s a believer and he keeps trusting in God and in God’s plan.

It’s another two years before the King calls for him to interpret his dreams.  Joseph once again says “I am not able to explain the meaning of dreams. God will do this for the King.”(Genesis 41 v 16)  Joseph’s faithfulness to God is a reminder to all of us that no matter what happens in our lives, whether things seem fair or not, whether we understand the reasons why things happen or not, we have a God who is faithful to us and who commands us “to be strong and brave.”  He says “Don’t be afraid!  I will be with you everywhere you go.” Joshua 1 v 9

I read this today on the Northumbrian Community website, a prayer based on words on words of Henri Nouwen:

Lord Jesus, my Saviour, Your hands and feet are marked with the wounds of Your crucifixion. In Your risen body, Your wounds have not been taken away, but are part of Your glory. May they remind me that my own wounds are not roadblocks on the way to the Father, but are there to show me my own unique way to follow You, the suffering Christ. Assure me that my wounds, too, will be glorified in my own resurrected life. Amen.

I pray that we would see “roadblocks” as pointers to the direction Christ is taking us in.

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