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MBC’s toddlers set the pace for a Jubilee weekend to remember

29 May 2012

With such a busy weekend ahead, for Her Majesty The Queen to break off and make three separate visits to MBC speaks volumes for the commitment, attention to detail and sheer hard work that Diane Towns and her toddler teams had put into ensuring that HM’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations get off to a flying start.

The fact that between Tuesday and Thursday Her Majesty’s voice sounded to have been dispatched 1,500 miles due east of Beckenham (sic) Palace counted for nothing as more than 200 children, mums, dads, grannies, child minders and carers packed into church to help first Caitlin and then Zsuszi celebrate this remarkable royal event.

What’s more, with yards and yards of bunting, scores of balloons, hats, crowns, cakes and even ear rings transforming just about every inch of our building into a sea in patriotic red, white and blue even the untimely change from flag-cracking sunshine to stair-rod rain failed to dampen the partygoers’ spirits.

As someone who can remember the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II (just) I can’t help thinking that in years to come, like me, some of those little ones here this week will not only look back on a very special Royal event as one their very first memories but also at where they were when that memory was formed.



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