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What Matters? opening – a grand affair

16 September 2011

Visitors to MBC on Friday evening were treated to an event on a scale not normally seen in Moortown. A magnificent art installation opened by Fabian Hamilton MP, with a huge static photo display, looping presentations and thought-provoking caption boards linking it all to biblical texts, young people circulating with trays of drinks and canapés, and over a hundred guests braving the weather to come and chat and to study the displays in detail. We heard lots of positive comments such as “How did they do that?” and “It’s just like a real art gallery!”

[The giant photo wall, simulating the colour changing background]

The photos below are just a taster of what went on during the evening. Do take the time to have a look (it works the same as the Looking Back page) and feel free to download the photos for your own use.

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