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Yarn Day, MBC hosts a morning for hookers and clickers

20 November 2017

A couple of months ago Sue Gladman came up with an idea to hold a day at church dedicated to anyone who loves to knit, crochet or indeed wanted to learn a new skill.  To be honest I thought we’d get about 6 or 8 dedicated hookers and clickers; those of us that’ll grab any chance to have a good knit and natter.  So I put the date in the diary and duly advertised the event.

To say I was stunned when last Saturday the music room filled up with around 30 ladies is more than an understatement! We had to keep pinching chairs from church to accommodate the ever growing number of yarn enthusiasts. Sue led a sedate crochet lesson in one corner whilst the rest of us (dubbed the raucous lot) did our best to disturb their concentration by knitting as loudly as we could!

Five ladies learned to crochet and one lady learned how to knit. I have tasked a couple of ladies to join me in knitting squares to make up into blankets to donate to the Leeds Baby Bank, and lots of projects were ooohed and aaaahed over as some of us plain knitters stood (or sat) in awe of the skill and patience of some of the others.

The three hours flew by and everyone unanimously agreed that we should hold another Yarn Day soon but this time make it a full day, drop in event with everyone bringing a picnic lunch. We aim to arrange this for sometime in the new year so watch this space and in the meantime… Keeeeep Knitting!

Kate Slater

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