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Lineham Farm 2012

1 March 2012

For the last few years February half-term has meant one thing in MBC’s Youth Work & Ministry, the “Going Deeper at Lineham Farm weekend”! Due to an increase in numbers, this years youth weekend was for those in years 10-13. There were 25 young people along with a selection of willing youth team, as well as our fantastic cooks Marion and Bob, who were given a helping hand on the Saturday by Roger and Pauline.

Our theme this year was “stories of faith”, looking at individuals whose lives looked very different because of their faith. We started on Friday evening with Corrie Ten Boon, looked at Desmond Tutu and Eric Lidle on Saturday, final rounding off on Sunday morning with looking at our own stories.

Prompted by looking at different people in the bible who met Jesus and how they reacted to him, we were all challenged to look at what our own reactions are and will be to knowing about Jesus. Through the different stories, we were helped to think about the areas of compromise, seeing things through and being challenged to think how far are we prepared to put others and faith before our own interests.

On Saturday we also had seminars looking at different issues for those in different year groups. Years 10 & 11 separated into the lads and girls to discuss the issues that affect them most, and to consider Christian perspectives on these. This was followed in the afternoon by a ‘Big Questions’ session, where Graham joined us and put himself on the hot-spot!

Years 12 & 13 were privileged to have a seminar led by their own personal financial advisor for the hour – Murray McEwan. Murray talked through issues of handling money, debt, student fees, work, and biblical advice. This culminated in the young people having a go at preparing a very eye-opening personal budget for the next year! Later in the day we were joined by Dave Maud who is a 2nd year medical student at Leeds University. Dave shared his current experiences of student life, faith and all that comes with that. We all appreciated Dave’s honesty and frankness (and that he had got up to join us the day after his 21st birthday!) and those thinking about university from many different perspectives made the most of Dave being there and had lots of questions for him.

As well as lots of input and discussions there was a lot of fun, we headed to Golden Acre park on Saturday afternoon for a great “Capture The Flag” game organized by Mike, and Friday evening saw “The Big Challenge”, which I will leave the photos to describe!

Rather than hear all of this from me though, I asked Josh to share a few thoughts on the fun times of Lineham Farm for him.

“I thought the weekend was really good as a whole. As it was my first time, it was a good way to get to know some of the people from church. I liked the fact that the balance between ‘serious stuff’ and well immaturity was really good. Now several of us are 17/18 everyone thinks were adults and fully responsible, but it was nice to let out the 5 year old in us, I guess you’d say e.g. dozing off standing up behind a wardrobe with a pillow ‘n’ everything just because we thought it was funny to annoy Glenda looking for us all! Oh yeah, and best bit was the food – DEFO! :)”

Lineham Farm has become a place full of very special memories for several of the young people and youth team and this year was definitely no different. Tiring, rewarding and worth every moment of the effort put in by all!

Thanks to Martyn, Caitlin, Ian, Kate, Cas, Mike and Hilary for being a great team.

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