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Who is my neighbour?

18 July 2013

In the Polish town of Kolbuszowa the town crest shows the Christian cross and Jewish star of David; to recognise the historic 50/50 split between Jews and native Poles. Having lost so many of the Jewish population in the second world war the crest remains as a symbol of hope following tragedy and potential of relationship following the experience of man’s inhumanity to man.

Jesus taught us to love our neighbours, and in North Leeds we have large Jewish population: they are our neighbours. Only four doors up the road lies the Marjorie and Arnold Ziff Jewish Community Centre. Having been interviewed on Leeds Jewish Radio a couple of months ago I was praying and asking God if he was wanting to develop our relationships with the Jewish community. The same day I was visited by the Community worker from the Leeds Jewish Welfare Board asking the same question.

In recognition of our joint roots and that we are each other’s neighbours, we agreed it would be good to host a joint event and invite both the local Christian and Jewish communities. So, we are jointly running a summer social! This will be a general knowledge quiz followed by a BBQ, to be held at the Marjorie and Arnold Ziff Jewish Community Centre on Sunday 11th August between 4-7pm. Cost is £7.50 per person, there will also be a bar and prizes !!

So, Moortown Baptist Church and the Leeds Jewish Welfare Board would like to invite YOU to come meet us, to have fun together and be neighbours together. To book a ticket, please contact Kate Slater or Pete Jorysz at the MBC Offices.

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